Rosebud Contemporary is a New York-based gallery dedicated to art that matters. The gallery represents artists who have a definite career and who track the ebb and flow of contemporary climates, movements and milieus.

Our gallery artists, who come from diverse cultural and socio-political backgrounds, are united under a single creative dictum: that they internalize and interpret the contemporary dialogue in novel ways.

Bhagwan Chavan has minimalistic tendencies to divulge the bare minimum of strokes over heavily layered paint over his canvas. His works have been shown in international venues and are reviewed by noted publications.

The self portraits of Sharmila Mohandas endow a symbolic presence over her canvases. Her obsession with red roses function as a metaphysical extension of her alter ego.

Brenda van der Beek is a Dutch-American artist whose abstracts stretch from organic patterns and structures to lucid geometrical shapes. The shifts she orchestrates from rapid brush strokes to well defined spatial constructions allows the viewer to join her in her painterly jaunts.

Stan Narten conduits our intellectual curiosity into his nonfigurative canvases and overpowers the onlooker with his figurative subjects. Having strategized and deliberated over every inch of the canvas, Stan simultaneously paints and envisions till he reaches a visual equilibrium.

Aparajithan Adimoolam’s acrylic are self-infused idealistic narrations aimed at the politics of self in opposition to society. His painterly negotiations are brilliant visual paradigms. Rosebud Contemporary is thrilled to bring this young artist’s works to the contemporary art dialogue.