Artists’ Bio


Bhagwan Chavan

Bhagwan Shankar Chavan renders his images on oil and watercolor paintings. Bhagwan’s abstract paintings are open ended, allowing the viewer to wander effortlessly into his artistic progression. His specific rendering methods of using shorter brush strokes in constructing an abstruse geometrical pattern builds a visual momentum – one that both enlivens and subdues the onlookers’ senses.

Bhagwan layers pigments over the picture plane until its emotional secrets are uncovered. As he moves further into unknown, labyrinthine territories, he seeks to reach his own poetic destination. His unpretentious painting process cues the viewer to travel along his paintings’ many layers.

Bhagwan’s rebellious minimalist technique was recognized during his research studies at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, which paved the way for many notable exhibitions, both in India and abroad. Bhagwan’s work occupies the pantheon of the post-minimalistic abstract movement, and demands our attention.

Bhagwan Shankar Chavan lives and works in Chennai, India.


Sharmila Mohandas

The canvases of Sharmila Mohandas are feminist accounts interpreted as self portraits. She combines her feminist notions into pictorial language as fluent as the garland of red roses she places on her own drawings. Sharmila whimsically emancipates a part of her hidden persona through these roses and lets the viewer complete the picture.

Sharmila’s subtle rendering over the figures come from her extraordinary ability to paint realistic portraits. She builds sensuous layers of colors and realizes a spontaneity which is unique to her paintings.

As a graduate of fine arts from Madras Art School, Sharmila has enjoyed solo exhibitions in both the US and in India. Sharmila lives and works in Chennai, India.


Brenda van der Beek

Brenda van der Beek builds unpretentious dialogues on her nonfigurative canvases. Like a sculptor she adds and subtracts till she reaches a cryptic destination.

Brenda sheds every ostentation in favor of an extemporaneous method of painting; her works inspire a visual discourse in the viewer, challenging and guiding them to her enigmatic intentions.

With a European upbringing and a strikingly unhinged vision of art-making, Brenda’s exodus to the US from the Netherlands as a young artist now informs her ability to construct more unique and stimulating works. Her mode of painting boasts an ability to deconstruct geometrical assemblages over intense pebbledash backgrounds, and in doing so, pull us into her abstract, discursive world.

Brenda was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for her Masters work at Lesley University College of Art and Design, MA and she has exhibited all over the east coast in many solo and group exhibitions.

Brenda lives and works in North Andover, MA.


Stan Narten

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Stan Narten is an American artist who has enjoyed notable successes throughout his career. Narten has very specific principles in creating his allegorical abstract discourses. Endorsing the intangible logistics of artists like Brakhage, Stan likes to halt between the palpable and the ethereal to build his language. His images clearly oscillate between the physical and the metaphysical and portray a newer phantasmal image.

With an MFA from School of Visual Arts, Stan has exhibited in Paris at Galerie Richard and he is represented by Kravets and Wehby, New York. He has had several solo and group exhibitions in New York City. Stan Narten lives and works in Brookyn, NY.


Aparajithan Adimoolam

Aparajithan Adimoolam works with an intellectual charisma and a true anxiety to identify his relentless self, and has done so consistently for the past decade. His demanding symbols come in figurative molds, where he metaphorically conjoins the figure and its gist in one visually arresting bundle.

The politically self-conscious symbols that evolve out of Aparajithan’s practice are colored with personal poetry. Highly adept in spatial construction, Aparajithan possesses an inventive ability to build layers of consciousness on his canvas. Subsequently, his pieces portray the tripartite themes of love, life and death. These pictorial tiers on his canvases lets the viewer experience vastly disparate psychological activities merge into one.

Aparajithan has a Masters Degree from the MS University, Vadodara. His works are in prestigious collections across India, with houses like Saffron Art auctioning his work. Aparajithan currently lives and works in Chennai.